What I think about Writeroom

WriteroomHere i’m sitting, trying the Writeroom, the so-called writer block solution. The idea is simple, to blank out the screen and filled with utmost simple writing tool. The writer block nowadays come from the human most-powerful innovation, the internet. Particular social media that cause addicting like twitter and facebook is main reason distraction for writer when they ready to write and sit in front of laptop.

Writer block is really an issue for writer. The flowing idea could be stopped because of one interesting notification pop up from social media account or email. For sake of curiosity they click it and bum they flew into another concern.

Writeroom is really simple concept. The creator of Writeroom might think “why don’t we just black out the screen?” So Writeroom come with nothing but black screen and terminal-look font. It’s actually pretty much like dos or windows terminal green screen interface. No format or even toolbar to support the writer. So writer just plain push out idea into words. Type setting and any other editing should have done later on after all idea poured into words. Another unique feature of Writeroom is that the text position is automatically adjusted to the center of the screen. So, your eyes would not move up and down. The text itself will move up and down depend on your writing cursor position. As they control (blacking out) the screen it’s pretty easy to keep the position in the center of the screen.

Writeroom Screenshot

After awhile you would find this environment of writing is pretty much giving peacefulness. However, on the other hand you also would find out that this green interface might cause dizziness. The default font type setting is quite small. I can imagine how elder writer would find difficulty to read their own words.

At first i feel like this is an brilliant idea yet also it’s not suppose to use much programming effort. Blacking out screen is an main feature of any video player application. So, just i thought it’s easy to build apps based on brilliant idea. My disappointing comes when i knew there is a price for it. Yes, they offer trial version but to use it more days you to have pay.

If you are writer who face hard times to overcome all distraction, you should try Writeroom. If you find it useful tool for your productivity, you might want to consider to buy the full version. Or else, the serial number can be found on made-on-heaven application, KCNscrew.


~ by Marketing Blog on May 9, 2012.

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