Making the Mascots

I’m sorry, i know i should write about cheating like i promised in my last post. But, I can’t write without passion. In matter of fact,  i have no passion about cheating now, so i decided to hold it until i don’t know when.

Recently, i had job about making some mascots for Rock n’ Roll Nights. Initial concept was figures that represent 3 different elements. These elements are what Rock n’ Roll Nights offers. We have nature, music and wonderland. We had idea to make chibi figures. Chibi is small character with non human body proportion, yet it still have head, body, arm and leg. We had consideration that olympiad mascots are chibis with differentiation in color and head attribute.

Then, me and my partner started to conceptualize what will happen to our chibi. Based on barely knowledge about rock n roll, we decide to put amplifier as main head of each chibi. Three elements will be attached into each amplifier head. My partner did the draft concept of our figures.

All of draft above is courtesy of Ihsan Nurhadi, also whatever copyleft resources he taken to complete it. :p

Personally i feel they are cool idea and cute. Unfortunately, client didn’t like it. He even didn’t like olympiad-alike chibi idea. He stayed by his initial concept to build humanoid figures with direct message of each figures. The figures have to be cartoon, he said. Tree as nature, conductor as music and clown as wonderland. The result should portray all figures hold hand each other to show synergy.

Then i sketched up the must-be-right cartoon figure.

I’m sorry for my poor drawing and the rough webcam.In this is sketch, nature be represented by tree, music by conductor with note head and wonderland by someone similar to Willy Wonka in Charlie and Chocolate Factory. The last one i believe have more elegant association to wonderland rather than clown. The left one show default pose of figures. The right one show pose that they put hands together showing great synergy. Client was happy enough with this one, afterwards.

I did digitalize the sketch by applying high skill of Corel implemented on Illustrator. It didn’t go well, actually. Several hours taken to complete it, though. And ta-da!, this is the result after finishing touch.

Red ribbon is special for client. He was having birthday when i submitted this. :p


~ by Marketing Blog on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Making the Mascots”

  1. Mascot diatas bukan official. Masih dalam tahap proposal.

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